5 Gift Ideas for the Father Who Helps Maintain the Home

a home made out of tools

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching this year! With only a few days left to find some gifts for Dad, we at vipHomeLink wanted to provide some insight and ideas for celebrating with your fathers this weekend. Every dad loves having a presentable (and well-maintained) house, so here are five home improvement gifts that Dad will love that will help him achieve his home goals.

A brand-new grilling kit

a six-piece grill tool set

Most dads feel comfortable on the grill, and what better way to show your appreciation for him  than by upping his grill game! Check out this heavy-duty, six-piece grill tool set by Romanticist, and be sure to read our past blogs on grilling safety and home fire precautions, too.

An Avid Power drilling kit

a power drill with all its tiny inserts

If your dad is quite the handyman, a little DIY will be right up his alley. Sparked by endless ideas on our blog, Dad will be able to do many projects around the house for his enjoyment. A new drilling kit will make projects for Dad not only faster but also safer. Home maintenance will become a cinch with this Avid Power Lithium Ion Drill.

Portable LED lights

a picture of two LED lights that sit up on their own

When Dad doesn’t have his helpers around, he’ll need something to hold a light in those shadowed areas of the home. This unique, inexpensive gift goes a long way to showing your appreciation for the projects Dad complete around the house. Partner this with the drill to help Dad stay safe during home maintenance projects!

A video doorbell

a woman on a phone screen being viewed from a digital camera


Home safety and maintenance concerns are on the rise, so we want to make sure Dad feels comfortable knowing who is at the door. With new technology, Dad can see if he’s getting a delivery or welcoming a visitor. This doorbell system can also help to prevent the theft of packages that arrive while Dad’s at the hardware store.

Check out additional ways to safeguard your home with smart home devices in What you need to know to join the smart home revolution.

A home management app

two cell phones in front of an affluent blue home with the vipHomeLink dashboard up on the screens
Give your house a home.

Last but not least is a way for dad to organize everything about the home on his phone. What better way to maintain and protect your house than using an app geared toward home safety, maintenance, and improvement. Dad will never have to worry about checking HVAC systems, smoke detectors, and tracking all items in the house again. The vipHomeLink app will send him personalized reminders for home maintenance and even tailored recommendations for home projects. Give the gift of ease and convenience to Dad this year with vipHomeLink.

Gift your father a subscription for Father’s Day. Download the app today from Google Play or the App Store.

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