Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Handy Dad

a father and young son repaint a fence yellow

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Your dad loves to D-I-Y (do-it-yourself). He fixed the toilet when it wouldn’t stop running. He vacuums the refrigerator coils every six months and cleans the dryer vent annually, but Dad is busy. This Father’s Day, make his DIY life just a little bit easier with this list of best gifts for handy dads.

Wyze Cam Pan

360 camera showing entire living room

Dad works hard on his home, so he always wants to make sure it’s safe, whether he’s on vacation or at the home improvement store. Wyze Cam Pan can provide a 360-degree view of a room in three seconds to show Dad just what’s going on at home, and push notifications alert Dad on his smartphone to motion detected inside.

It also provides two-way audio, so Dad can speak to any intruders in his home or even his misbehaving puppy. For ultimate convenience, it connects with Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Wireless home security system

A google hub, motion detector, and camera on a white countertop
Help Dad monitor his home.

Does your dad want to make his home Fort Knox? Then consider getting one of the most practical gifts for Dad – a wireless security system. These systems generally include a digital doorbell, motion sensors, door and window entry sensors, and a wireless keypad.

Some offer a panic button, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and even freeze monitors. The app also lets Dad know if something is wrong at home, so he can insulate his pipes, call the fire department, or hit the panic button if need be. 


a white cylinder and a smartphone with a dashboard up
How clean is Dad’s air?

No, this isn’t a chocolate-y drink. With the recent pandemic, healthy air is more important than ever, so while this may be one of the more unique gifts for dad – the uHoo air monitoring system is also one of the most practical. This system measures nine different air quality factors, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, carbon dioxide, and ozone. It even has a virus index, which measures the risk of the coronavirus surviving in the home’s current conditions.

(If your dad likes Yoo-hoo, you probably should pick one up for him, too.)

Automatic hose reel

a homeowner using a hose to water a lush garden
Dad has the best lawn on the block.

Don’t make Dad untangle the garden hose ever again. Instead, buy him an automatic hose reel, which can retract on its own with a simple tug. Some versions also allow Dad to lock the hose at any length, so it won’t slip from his grip.

Many come with adjustable spray nozzles, so Dad will be able to properly water his grass. Now, if only the neighborhood kids would stay off it.

Present Upgrade: If Dad wants to level up his lawn game, schedule him a professional consultation with a landscape designer!

Smart garage door opener

Two white, square smart garage hub with a cell phone showing the dashboard
Protect Dad’s home.

Everyone has that moment when they’re at the store and wonder, “Is my garage door open?” Give your dad peace of mind with a smart garage door opener. High-end openers have scheduling, remote access, and voice control, but they are worth their weight in gold by alerting Dad with a push notification if the garage door is open while he’s away from home.

Even if your dad is an accomplished DIY homeowner, garage doors can be dangerous to maintain. While getting Dad a smart garage door opener is a smart idea, hire a professional to install it. 


a flashlight with three flexible legs, one of the legs' ends holds a screw
Light up Dad’s newest project.

No, this isn’t a blowtorch for Dad to up his soldering game. This awesome gift is a tripod light to give Dad just what he needs – light to see what he’s doing and his hands free so he can complete DIY task successfully.

We suggest the Gorillatorch because it has magnetic feet and flexible legs, allowing it to grip to any surface. Plus, it has dimmers, so it won’t blind Dad, and it’s water-resistant. Speaking of water-resistance…

Shock and waterproof phone case 

An orange and gray cell phone case with a phone at the bottom and a hard cover
Save Dad’s phone.

Dad gets into all sorts of home projects, and his smartphone might suffer from it. Fear not! Get one of the best gift ideas for handy dads – a waterproof, shock-proof, and drop proof case.

This modern marvel can help prevent Dad’s screen from getting smashed while he’s tightening the deck screws or working on the back stairs. And it’ll also prevent a repeat of the Cellphone-Toilet Disaster of 2018. 

Beverage insulator 

a blue can insulator holding a can tightly
Keep Dad’s drinks cold.

Dad doesn’t deserve to have a warm drink on a hot day. That’s why Dad needs a high-quality beverage insulator like the YETI Colster Can Insulator. One of the simple Father’s Day gifts that is also a dad favorite, this device has double-wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold. It’s also dishwasher safe and prevents condensation from forming, helping to keep Dad’s hands dry while he’s working.

That’s super important when Dad is using power tools! 

Gift card

yellow balloons spell out the word dad in front of lots of ties
Do you know what Dad really needs?

You love your dad, but do you really know what he wants for Father’s Day? Sure, he might complain about that toolbelt that just isn’t holding up like it used to, but maybe Dad needs an Echo Dot or magnetic wristband for screws and nails. Maybe Dad really wants that gift set of beer glasses. Whatever your dad wants for Father’s Day, help him get it by giving him a gift card.

A vipHomeLink membership

two cell phones in front of an affluent blue home with the vipHomeLink dashboard up on the screen
Download vipHomeLink today!

For the dad who loves tech gadgets and DIY – the vipHomeLink home management app sends expert tips for home improvement right to Dad’s smartphone. We offer personalized reminders and tailored recommendations to help homeowners know what to do and when to do it around the home. Our weather notifications also help Dad prepare the home for severe weather events, and our weekly push notifications give your pop tips to prepare his home for every season.

Help your DIY father save time and money, and gain peace of mind with vipHomeLink. Gift your dad an annual membership today!

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