The 2-Step Home Maintenance Plan to Reignite the Spark This February

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The excitement, the instant attraction, the certainty of knowing you found the one – remember what it was like the first time you stepped into your brand new home? 

Then reality happens. The bills come in, maintenance tasks pile up, and you lose that loving feeling. Whether you’ve lived in your home for two weeks, 50 years, or somewhere in between, we want to help you get that new home feeling back and reignite the spark with this February home maintenance plan.

Step One: Find Your Inspiration

Do you spend hours streaming HGTV or get inspiration from Instagram house posts? You might not have the need, budget, or time for an entire home renovation, but you can surely choose areas where you can breathe new life into your house. If you don’t know where to start, think safety first. Knowing you have a safe home for your family and guests will automatically make you feel better about your house.

Clean your oven and range hood

Cleaning vents can improve indoor air quality.

Grease and food can get trapped inside your oven and potentially cause a fire. To clean out your oven, simply find your favorite cleaner and follow the package instructions. Usually it involves spraying and wiping down the interior. 

Also, take the time to clean out the vents in your range hood. Fill up your sink with hot water, add dish soap and baking soda, and soak your filters for 15-20 minutes. Violá! Clean vents. Depending on how frequently you cook, you may need to clean your vents every month or every few months. 

Upgrade your lighting

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Don’t forget to use LED light bulbs!

You will be surprised how big of a difference new light fixtures can make. While you’re making lighting changes, make sure to use LED lights. They will last longer and are more energy efficient. Win-win!

Also, consider installing smart lights as these can help to save energy. They’re also great if you are planning to skip out of the cold winter weather and head somewhere warm. You can use an app to turn lights on and off to deter would-be burglars.

Change out your locks and doorknobs

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Give your home some bling.

Another relatively inexpensive way to make a big impact is to change your hardware. Are you into matte black? Maybe gold accents are more your style, or do you like levers over knobs? (Levers are great for homeowners aging in place!) There are so many different options! Browse your local hardware store or your favorite online shop to find your favorite aesthetic. 

While you’re at it, upgrade your front door lock and deadbolt. You might choose a keyless entry with a smart lock or even add a digital camera, but upgrading will definitely give you peace of mind.  

Window treatments, bedding, and carpets – oh my!

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Refresh your bedding.

Get rid of all the dead skin cells, dust mites, and allergens that have been deposited on the soft surfaces of your bedding, carpets, and drapes. Now is the time to do a deep cleaning or make a change. A new duvet can change the entire mood of your bedroom. Swap out an area rug to make your living room feel more cozy, or look into new window treatments (definitely the most expensive option) to define your space. 

Test smoke and CO detectors

It’s easy! Push the button, hear the chirp, and you’re all good! (This won’t change how anything looks, but it’s always a good idea on your February home maintenance plan or any maintenance list).

Step Two: Make a Plan

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Set your 2022 home goals.

We know that most people can’t make all the changes they would like to their home in one month, so what can you do? Make a plan! There are 11 more months or roughly 48 more weeks in 2022, so break down your plans into manageable tasks. 

What do you want out of your home? Think about it and then figure out how to achieve it. A well-maintained home will not only set your mind at ease but also help you plan for major expenses and avoid potential disasters. 

Continue to work at your home like you do any relationship. We already have a March home maintenance checklist ready for you!

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