Getting Smart about (Smart) Smoke Detectors

a woman testing her smoke alarm

We all know the importance of having smoke detectors, but who among us has not disconnected one because it went off while you were cooking? Temporarily disconnecting your smoke detector may not seem like a big deal at the time, but often those low batteries won’t get replaced or reconnected after the smoke-filled dinner debacle.

Nuisance alarms are the leading reason given for disabled smoke alarms. In fact, almost 50% of deaths attributed to fires were in homes without a functioning smoke alarm. Smoke detector companies are focused on reducing annoying chirping and false alarms by using advanced technology that can detect a wide range of fire types, so they won’t go off when you overcook that Thanksgiving Turkey.

Here are two benefits for updating your smoke alarms:

Faster smoke detection.

The sooner an alarm goes off when there is a fire, the better. Those extra few seconds may make all the difference in helping you avoid inhaling smoke and fumes, and allowing you and your family to escape in time.

Easy monitoring.

Smoke detector check-ups are easy, especially with vipHomeLink. Using our app, set reminders to check detector batteries (if they are not a hard-wired or 10-year sealed battery model), as well as remind yourself to vacuum each unit and wipe down the outside vents to ensure they are in good working order. These regular routines may sound simple, but they are effective in keeping your home and loved ones safe.

a smart smoke detector with Nest logo in the middle

Smart smoke alarm features

There are even “smart” smoke detectors that go beyond the basic one-touch button (you know the one that gets hit with a broom handle when it doesn’t make that chirping sound go away). Smart detectors connect to Wi-Fi and mobile devices to manage smoke detector settings, battery life, resetting or other issues – alerting you of any changes, even if you aren’t home. Most smart detectors are also able to connect to other smart technology hubs that can all be managed from your mobile device. Some brands have systems that can wirelessly connect to each other, meaning if there is any issue near one, all the alarms will sound, alerting every part of the house.

Learn more about smoke alarms and how they can help save lives in our vipTIPS, and get personalized reminders for your home and your alarms with our interactive app. Sign up today for a monthly or annual membership.

NOTE: Specific requirements for installing smoke detectors vary depending on where you live. Check with your local fire department for current requirements in your area.

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