How to Get Your Home into Shape in 3 Simple Steps

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When was the last time you checked your smoke detectors? Tested your GFCI outlets? Replaced the hoses to your washing? (And it’s a braided metal hose, right? Not rubber?) There is a lot to track inside your home, and the vipHomeLink home management app can help.

Enter the Home Fitness Index (HFI). The HFI tells you how “in shape” your home currently is on a scale from 0 to 100. (Technically, the scale starts at five – you own a home. You get points for that!) Then the app tells you how to increase your home’s index through tailored recommendations and personalized reminders.

Start flexing your home’s muscles with these three simple steps.

Step 1: Get your current HFI

Once you download and subscribe to the app, you’ll answer a few simple questions in the “quick start wizard.” This will help to fill out your Home Profile with information such as:

  • Braided metal hose installation
  • Exterior walkway conditions
  • Annual plumbing check 
  • Dryer exhaust vent cleaning
  • Latest CO detector battery check

As you fill out your profile, you’ll see your HFI rise. Some inputs are weighted more heavily than others and will boost your home index once entered, such as checking your smoke detectors. (Our app can remind you to do this monthly!)

Quick Tip: Recently brought your home? Create a home inventory. That will help you fill out 95 percent of your property profile. (You’re welcome!)

Once you fill out your entire profile, you’ll have your current HFI. (Mine is 63. – Content Writer Susie)

Step 2: Keep your Home Fitness Index high

a homeowner wearing green gloves and cleaning out gutters
Increase the value of your home by taking care of it with the help of vipHomeLink.

To maintain your HFI, you’ll need to complete routine maintenance on your house. This can include checking your carbon monoxide detectors, cleaning out your gutters, and fixing that crack in your walkway. As the customized reminders pop into your dashboard, you’ll be prompted to complete the necessary maintenance and repairs.

If – for whatever reason – you can’t complete these tasks, you’ll see your HFI begin to drop. This means your house is getting out of shape and requires your attention. Simply complete the outstanding tasks to see your index rise again.

Listening to your reminders will also help to extend the life of your appliances and systems, ultimately saving you time and money. A well-maintained home increases in value, and most home buyers look for homes that do not need any major repairs. (And it’s good for your “forever” home not to need major repairs, too!)

Insider TIP: Below your HFI, you’ll find the Home Value Boost. This gauge shows how much value you have added to your home simply by taking care of it. (Mine is approaching $$$. – Susie)

Step 3: Study up with our vipTips

a man sits at a dinner table and looks at his smart phone
Learn more how to boost your Home Fitness Index.

Owning a home can be difficult. The app’s vipTips section will help you make sense of everything within your home, with trusted advice from experts on how to manage and maintain it. This way, when you’re prompted to complete maintenance tasks by the app, you’ll know how to do so.

Quick Tip: There’s always something new to learn about owning a home, and that’s why our vipTips section is an ever-expanding library. Be sure to check it regularly to see what’s new, including tips to keep your home fit.

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