[Infographic] Social Distancing To-Do List – Home Improvement Projects During the Pandemic

a living room under home improvement with paint cans and ladder

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We know you love your home – or at least, you live there. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half of all American homeowners are planning to give their homes more TLC. A survey conducted by Kelton on behalf of us (vipHomeLink) revealed how homeowners are tackling home maintenance or improvement projects during the period of social distancing.

“With all the uncertainty relating to COVID-19, protecting and maintaining your home is more important than ever.”

– vipHomeLink Founder and CEO Alfred Bentley III

a homeowner stands on a ladder as he installs a smoke detector on the ceiling
Stay safe while home.

“Homeowners across the country are utilizing this time to give their home the TLC it may have been lacking due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” says Bentley. “Proper home management is critical to ensure that homeowners are not hit with surprise expenses.”

Most common home improvement projects

The survey unearthed the following breakdown of where American homeowners plan to turn their home improvement attention:

a clutered closet is many male shirts
Almost a third clean their closets.

More than 15 million homeowners have started a home renovation project such as redecorating a room or finishing a basement.

However, once the stay-at-home orders lift and people return to their daily grind, the push for home improvement may shift again. More than 22 million homeowners admit they often find it difficult to keep track of home maintenance. Unfortunately, improperly maintained homes may begin to lose value. You may even see the bump your home earned from the pandemic projects disappear.

Keep on track with a home management app

the home screen for vipHomeLink on a cell phone
Manage your home projects with vipHomeLink.

vipHomeLink is here for you! Our home improvement project management app helps homeowners to organize, maintain, and improve their homes.

“Our app can help homeowners of all skill levels – from expert to novice – by providing guidance to know what to do and when to do it all while saving members time and money,” says Bentley. “We know life gets busy, so our app sends push notifications nudging the user when it is time to check on or maintain certain items in the home, to avoid those surprising costs.”

two cell phones in front of an affluent blue home with the vipHomeLink dashboard up on the screens
Give your house a home.

A place to store all your home information

vipHomeLink is the perfect companion to help you manage home improvement projects, now and post-pandemic. The intuitive app lets you build a profile of your home to store valuable documents, create a home inventory, keep track of renovation projects, and receive helpful reminders to shape habits.

You can upload anything and everything you need to keep multiple projects on schedule. Paint colors, floor plans, interior design ideas, and due dates – skip Google Drive and have all your tasks and project information all in one place. With our project management tools and push notifications, you’ll be empowered to accomplish your personal projects and keep your home safe and maintained.

Prevent surprise home repairs and expenses

a well-maintained house with manicured gardens
Maintain and improve your home with vipHomeLink.

With the challenging economic outlook this crisis has caused, the last thing homeowners need is a surprise home expense or a half-completed home improvement project.

From organizing closets and pantries to catching up on home maintenance work to sorting important documents and paperwork, tackle the home projects you’ve been putting off with the help of vipHomeLink, your app for home management projects.

Download the vipHomeLink app today, available on iOS and Android devices.

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