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Have a homeowner horror story? You’re not alone! Here at vipHomeLink, the crew has seen our share of flooded basements, broken pipes, bats in the attic, and electrical surges. Our mission is to “prevent the preventable,” which is why we want to share our stories to stop similar disasters from occurring in your house.

Introducing the vipHome Podcast! Join Hosts Jeff, Caroline, Jacqueline, and Megan every week for insights and tips about homeownership.

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Join the Home Crew every week!

Watch Episode 005: An Interview with the Center for Pet Safety 



Being a fur-(or fin- or feather-) parent is a difficult job, as 85 million Americans know. You’ve probably heard that chocolate is bad for your pooch, but have you thought about sugar-free gum, raptor birds, or even a house fire?

We tackle home pet safety in this extra special episode of the vipHome Podcast! Hosts Caroline and Jeff welcome Lindsey Wolko from The Center for Pet Safety to help pet-parents keep their dogs, cats, and even fish safe in their home. Zoey, Caroline’s Aussie Labradoodle puppy, also joins the show as a guest host – for the first of many times, we’re sure!

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Meet Zoey!

Find out answers to your home pet safety FAQ

Such as:

  • Do you lock your dog up when you leave the house? (“Lock” is a stretch, but you should definitely secure your pet.)
  • Which houseplants are dangerous to pets? (Quite a few!)
  • When is it OK to leave a dog in a car? (Spoiler Alert: Never.)
  • Do you have an evacuation plan for your home? (Get out and stay out – we have some tips for pet owners!)
  • Is it okay to put my dog in a cage at night? (It’s super important to crate train.)
  • How dangerous are chip bags to your pets? (Life-threatening – we’re not joking.)
  • And just how important is home maintenance in keeping your pets safe? (Super important, it turns out!)

“Even if everything’s functioning just fine, if you’re out of the home one day – your HVAC system can catch fire because it can’t drain,” says Wolko. “We had that happen in my home. It’s terrifying.”

Learn more essential pet care tips and pet safety insights in the latest episode of the vipHome Podcast! Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, and watch more episodes now at vipHome Podcast.

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