Is Your Home the Right Size for Your Family?

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Now that you’re spending more time in your home, you may notice things you didn’t before. You almost never open that closet. You can’t find the right pan for stir fry, or you can hear your fiancé’s conference call from three rooms over. And then you realize – the home you thought was your dream house might, in fact, be your worst nightmare.

But maybe it’s just that your home isn’t meeting your temporary needs or it might be that you need a new home that fits your lifestyle. We came up with eight surefire ways to know when it’s time to go virtually searching for a new home.

#1 – You need a home office (or two)

home office with a desk, chair, and a laptop hooked to a large monitor
You might need a work-from-home space.

Working from your couch or your bed sounded like a great opportunity, but you’re finding it hard to concentrate. Your significant other also needs a place to work, and he/she claimed the kitchen table. That leaves you without a place to setup.

If either of you believe you may be remote working, even for some days, after the stay-at-home orders have been lifted, then it may be time to start virtually searching and buying a bigger home. This way, you can separate your home life from your work life and keep the couch for napping.

#2 – There’s a room you never enter

a white door to a bedroom
Do you know what’s behind this door?

Maybe your kids moved out of the house, and though you made one of their bedrooms into a home office and the other into a home gym- one of those, you don’t remember the last time you used it. (We know which one and won’t call you out on it.) Coupled with an afternoon every weekend taken up by vacuuming or the cleaning of one more bathroom than you really need – it may be time to think of moving to a smaller home.

#3 – Your life is changing

a blue, black, white baby swing in a baby room
The stork may be on its way!

Coronavirus affected numerous people worldwide. Some lost their jobs, others financial earnings they had in the stock market. For a few, the stork might be arriving in nine months. Any of these scenarios might have you looking to get out of an apartment or starter home, or looking to find a more manageable abode.

Home buying tip: Staying at home for the time being doesn’t mean you can’t search for a new house. Many real estate agents post virtual tours about the homes they’re selling, so peruse the websites of real estate agents located where you want to buy and give them a call. They’ll be able to point you to great online home tours, but how big should your house be? A real estate agent will also be able to help find the perfect-size house for your family.

#4 – Your utility bills are just a tad too high

a digital thermostat that reads save
Do you want to save money?

Most days, you have your programmable thermostat working, so your temperature is down and you save money on your utility bills. But now you’ve been home for a few weeks, and after trying these super easy ways to lower your bill, you realize it’s not just the size of the house but also the systems within it. Your HVAC is older and needs to be replaced. Perhaps your furnace is an older model, or even your windows are just not up to the task of keeping out the cold. If renovating is not in your budget, perhaps consider looking for more energy-efficient home or one you can renovate successfully. (This also counts for homeowners with high monthly mortgage payments and/or property taxes.)

#5 – You struggle with storage

A home office with stacks of paper on the desk and behind it
Does your home office look like this?

Your closets are great for your clothes, vacuums, and that Halloween costume you wore three years ago – but you also use under your bed, under your couch, behind your favorite recliner. Any place you can hide something, you do.

While all homeowners like to keep personal items, you routinely practice decluttering tips, so you only have essential items – clothes or shoes you wear, appliances you use, perhaps your kitchen table. The room you’d be looking to get wouldn’t be stuffed with more…stuff but would give you some breathing room. (If you’re using a storage unit, a new house would also help to eliminate that potentially unnecessary monthly payment.)

#6 – You haven’t furnished all your rooms (and don’t have plans to)

an unfurnished basement with white tiles and walls
Do you have plans for your spare room?

That room you never open – it’s empty or only has one piece of furniture you never use. Perhaps your family never uses that finished basement or formal dining room, but make sure to be realistic with your family’s needs. If you need all that extra space and square footage, then keep your home as is. Perhaps you even have a plan (using that finished basement as a family room or a second living room), but if you don’t need your large home, consider downsizing to a smaller place.

#7 – You’re not in the bathroom for 8.2 minutes before someone knocks on the door

a shower head in a bathroom with gray and white tiles
Bathroom time is essential in the morning.

The average American takes 8.2 minutes to shower, so if you don’t have that time in the morning before a family member is banging on your door, then you might want to consider an upgrade to a new house with more bathrooms. This will allow enough time to get ready and not keep others waiting, who also might not get their allotted 8.2 minutes to enjoy the steam.

#8 – You don’t want to complete housework

A worn leather toolbelt with a hammer, wrench, and other tools
Get out your toolbelt.

Your house is your home. It’s also, most likely, the biggest investment you will ever make. If you feel like you don’t want to improve it, it’s time to find a home that gives you that spark of inspiration.

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