6 Super Simple June Home Maintenance to Finish Before Summer Starts

a blue house with a well-maintained front yard

The start of summer is upon us, but before you kick back and enjoy those hazy, lazy, crazy days, get your home ready for the season with these super simple June home maintenance tasks!

#1 – Get rid of standing water 

While April showers may be long over, summer storms and hurricanes are on their way! Get your home ready for them as part of your June home maintenance. Then stay vigilant. Mosquitoes can breed in standing water as small as a bottle cap, so be diligent in getting rid of standing water in your yard – wagons, pet dishes, patio furniture, etc. 

Walk your yard at least once a week and dump any water, so you can enjoy your summer with fewer mosquitoes and potentially fewer viruses. 

#2 – Add mulch to your yard

a front yard with mulch and flowers
Upgrade your curb appeal with mulch!

Upgrade your yard with mulch. Mulch not only helps to keep the number of weeds down in your yard but also keeps the ground moist. This way, you don’t have to water your grass as much, which will save you money on your utility bills! 

Another plus, mulch is also great for curb appeal, and great curb appeal can raise your home’s value by as much as 7%. Need help selecting the right mulch for your yard? Consider hiring a professional

#3 – Tackle your pest issues 

termites break down a wood plank
Stop termites from eating your home.

The usual summer pests – bees, ants, termites – are out and about in full infestation mode. As part of your summer home maintenance checklist, you should check for the telltale signs of infestation from the usual suspects – discarded wings from swarmers, rustling noises at night, wood shavings, and visible colonies around the home (inside and outside). 

If you notice any pests and aren’t sure how to tackle the issue, make sure to call professional pest control pros.  

#4 – Take care of kitchen maintenance 

a homeowner takes out the vent hood grease filter to clean or replace
Vent hood filters need to be cleaned or replaced frequently.

Have you been overlooking your kitchen appliances? Now’s the time to clean the air vent over your stove and replace or clean the filter. You – or a vent and duct specialist – should clean the air filter at least once a year or more frequently, depending on how often you cook.

You should also vacuum your refrigerator coils once a year. If you have pets, you may need to vacuum more frequently, either every season or twice a year.

Clean your dishwasher monthly, including the filter, but you should also wipe down the seals with a soapy, damp cloth to keep the area free from grime.   

#5 – Upgrade your curb appeal

a homeowner painting a wall blue
Does your exterior need from TLC?

June is the perfect time to spruce up your curb appeal. In addition to adding mulch, power wash your home or touch up the exterior paint. Clean your windows and doors, which may do more for curb appeal than you realize! 

If you want to make your front entryway more welcoming, paint or replace the front door and upgrade your mailbox. (Your mail person will appreciate it!)

If you want to truly get the exterior of your home in tip top shape, consider inspecting your fence during the summer months and calling a professional to repair or replace it. Also, take care of any roof repairs now. (Your bank account will thank you for being proactive!) Tackling any roofing issues – as well as clearing your gutters and downspouts – will help to keep water out of your home from those infamous summer storms.

#6 – Reseal your driveway

A recent repaved driveway has no cracks in it
Don’t let your driveway crumble.

We admit – this step is a bit harder, but if you have an asphalt driveway, you may need to reseal it every few years. Even minor cracks need to be addressed, or water will find a way into your driveway’s subbase and eventually destroy it. Reseal your driveway every few years, and if you see even microcracks, call a professional to close them.

Stay on top of home maintenance

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