Quick TIPS: Spring Maintenance Tips You Can’t Ignore

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Spring is here, so it’s time to get your home ready for the season of April showers, May flowers, and the start of summer heat. We’ve got 10 essential spring maintenance tips that will help prepare for the season of soda, pretzels, and beer.

How do I prepare my house for spring?

sprinkler in lawn sprays grass blades
Check your sprinklers to stop your front lawn from becoming your new pool.

Clean your windows and replace your screens

If you’re removing storm windows, clean the glass, too, and make sure to douse screens in water and soap before installing.

Prepare your mower

Your grass will be green before you know it. Change the oil, gas, and filters if you didn’t complete the necessary winter maintenance.

Check your outdoor plumbing

It’s time to turn the water back on to your outdoor faucets and make sure it runs smoothly. Reconnect your garden hose but not before temperatures stay above freezing.

Check your sprinkler system

Leaky valves and sprinkler heads can lead to lawn puddles (which contrary to popular belief, do not make good slip ‘n’ slide end pools).

Trim your trees and shrubs

Keep those at least 2 to 3 feet away from the home, especially roofs.

Remove the gunk from your gutters and downspouts

Important spring maintenance tips with a time frame! You may want to do this before those April showers roll in. Remove any winter debris, or if there isn’t much, consider waiting until after all the seeds fall (sometime in June). Jonathan Novalis of Novalis Roofing has a few spring cleaning gutter suggestions in Winter survival tips for your roof – expert edition.

Inspect and seal your deck

Help your wooden deck look its best all season long by resealing it, but check for damage or cracking. Replace any boards as needed, and if you have a composite deck – give it a nice shower with a pressure washer.

Keep your eyes peeled for termites

They swarm between March and June, so if you see winged insects flying out any holes in your home, first scream, run away, and then call an exterminator.

Inspect your roof

Winter can wreak havoc on your roof. Inspect it or hire a professional to take a look.

Prepare for the summer heat

Clean or replace the air filters in your air conditioning system, so it’s ready when you need it. (Check the manufacturer’s instructions.)

Be ready for all seasons

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