Rooftop Maintenance You Should Do Now (Before It’s Too Late)

gold, red, and green leaves clog a gutter on a home

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If completing maintenance on your roof isn’t a priority, it should be. A new roof can cost as much as $40,000, and insurance companies may refuse to honor a damage claim if your roof was not well-maintained in the first place. Avoid costly issues and prolong the life of your roof by completing a few routine maintenance steps and preventative measures this fall. Your family – and Santa – will be glad you did.

Up on the rooftop for fall home maintenance  

Algae growing on a roof with wood shingles
Green on your roof is not a good thing.

Determining the status of your roof begins with visually inspecting the shingles to see if any are missing, damaged, or curling. Look for signs of wear and tear, as well as fungus or algae. While you may need to replace some tiles, zinc or lead control strips can stop moss and algae from collecting.

Chimneys are a problem area (not just for Santa)

a chimney on the side of the home with gutters and new shingles
Check the gutters, eaves, and chimneys to keep your roof healthy.

Check the metal sections of the roof for any rust, which can be treated with brushing, priming and painting the metal. Continue onwards to the flashing (waterproofing material around joints and chimneys), which are usually an epicenter for leaks. If the area isn’t solid, remove the old caulk and scrub the area until it’s clean. Then reseal. Finally, check the joints and chimney for cracks in the mortar or caulking, which would indicate deterioration. Seal up any cracks and openings you find.

Of course, if you’re scared of heights or notice any problematic shingles during your inspection, we suggest you hire a local, licensed and experienced roofer to complete the inspection and replace the shingles for you. Safety first!

Don’t forget to your fireplace inspected, too! Check out 5 Burning Questions (and Answers!) About Gas Fireplaces to learn more. 

Save your roof before it deteriorates

Autumn is a dangerous time for roofs with powerful storms and falling debris, so we’ve compiled a few preventative measures to help your roof survive the upcoming harsh weather conditions.

Start by looking for any sticks, leaves, and other naturally occurring obstructions that may fall on your roof, cause algae growth, and clog your gutters. Sweep or blow off any debris, and make sure to check every few weeks during autumn for new items. Trimming any branches hanging over your roof stops certain types of damage, moss, or algae from growing. 

Beware of snow problems  

Snow mounting on a roof during a winter's night
Clear off your roof when the snow becomes too heavy.

During the winter months, clear off any heavy snow that built up on the roof before it sits for an extended period of time. If you’re living in an area that experiences heavy snow, look to invest in a snow rake to prevent an unfortunate collapse.

Head inside to your attic and check it regularly for any signs of leaking, dark/wet spots, mold, and dampness. These are clear signs of moisture build-up under roofing shingles and an indication that you should either clear your roof or call professionals to do it. This might just save your roof.

Stay on top of home maintenance

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Originally published on Nov. 8, 2020; updated on Oct. 22, 2021

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