Quick TIPS: Spring Cleaning 2022 Safety Tips

a broom is nestled against purple flowers in a garden

Spring is here, which means soon you’ll be going all Marie Kondo on your home. But before you start your spring cleanup, we have a few spring cleaning safety tips for your home that’ll keep your family healthy year-round. 

Spring cleaning “cleaning” tips 

 a woman in a green sweater cleans the top of a door molding with a microfiber cloth
Forget the paper towels!
  • Use (several) microfiber cloths (they’re cleaner than dusters or rags).
  • Switch your cloths frequently to avoid spreading germs.
  • Clean “top to bottom,” meaning you should dust off your ceiling fans, coffee tables, cabinets, etc., before hitting those hardwood floors and/or carpets.
  • Consider using dryer sheets for cleaning TVs, window blinds, and toilet rings. (Dryer sheets repel dust!) You can also use these to remove crayon marks from walls.
  • Don’t use household cleaners on your hardwood floors. That’ll nix the shine. Instead, sweep. Then, with a damp terry cloth and long mop, swipe. Done.
  • Remember to include your washing machine on your to-do list. Some vinegar and baking soda will have your machine smelling spring-time fresh! Or you can always go for a store bought cleaner.
  • When able, opt for mild cleaners, and never mix ammonia and bleach. Open a window to let some fresh air circulate while you clean.
  • If you have little ones following you around (including pets), keep an eye on your buckets and cleaning products. Both can be safety hazards under the wrong conditions.

When in doubt, always hire a professional to complete any home maintenance projects, but we always recommend you get a professional for garage door, roofing, and electrical projects. 

Safety first spring cleaning tips

a homeowner changes the batteries in a smoke detector
Check the batteries monthly!

In addition to cleaning, spring is a good time to check your home safety procedures. Before you take a deep dive into cleaning your appliances and carpets, check off these essential safety tasks first:

  • Check the batteries and expiration dates of all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries and units as needed.
  • Also, check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher(s).
  • Update first aid kits and replenish or add items as needed.
  • Review your evacuation/emergency plans, and update if necessary.
  • Get rid of expired medication. Learn how to do so safely, which may include flushing your old meds, in Where and How to Dispose of Unused Medicines.
  • Don’t skip cleaning your car. Add it to your spring-cleaning list, especially if you’re looking to take a road trip this summer. Also, consider keeping a small vacuum in your trunk to keep the interior of your car looking as spiffy as the interior of your home.

Maintain your home all year long

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