The Best Gifts for Your Home 2022

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Has your home been good this year? If so, then give it the appreciation it deserves with presents that will keep it functioning, safe, and comfortable all year long. (They might also save you money in the long run!)

Auto water shut-off valve

An auto water shut-off valve is often on the list of best gifts for first homes, and it’s easy to see why. Water damage can harm a home (and your wallet). In fact, the average home leak totals $55,000 in damage, and an auto water shut-off valve can help to mitigate that amount.

This smart water device connects to the water main coming into your home and monitors the flow. If it detects a leak in your system, it’ll either send an alert to your phone or shut off the water, helping to prevent further damage. (Hence, the word “auto.”)

Most smart shut-off valves also help you understand your water usage, including how much water your family uses in the shower, in the kitchen sink, etc. This way, you’ll know where you use the most and how you can best conserve.

Smart home security

a graphic of a home outline popping up from a smart home, which has the Wi-Fi
Upgrade your home to a smart home.

In 2019, more than 6 million property crimes occurred in the U.S., and victims suffered an estimated $15 billion loss. Protecting your home is easy with just a few quick smart home upgrades.

Install a doorbell camera that can monitor your front door, and if you add a smart door lock, you can also open the door for any guests who arrive when you’re not at home. A simple motion-sensor light over your garage or in your backyard can stop any potential intruders from breaking in.

These devices are also routinely on the list of best gifts for new home buyers – just in case you don’t know what to get the new homeowners in your life.

Smart walkway lighting

small lights line a brick path through a garden at night
Find your way in the dark.

We’re going all in on the smart home tech for this year’s list of Black Friday home gifts. Illuminate your walkways with the help of smart lighting pathways. These devices can help you find your way at night and prevent family members from tripping over any cracks or plants in your yard. Your mail carrier and delivery persons will also thank you.

Some lights offer fun features, such as scheduling and color options (up to 16 million color choices – seriously). Many also connect with other smart home devices and/or your hub.

Smart plugs

a Google Home and a cellphone are plugged into a power cord that is smart
Even your plugs are getting an upgrade.

Afraid you left the curling iron or the toaster on? Worry no more! With a smart plug, you can turn off the plug and thus, the outlet, preventing a dangerous situation. Most smart plugs also integrate with Alexa and Google Home, so you can turn your plugs off with just the sound of your voice.

A switch-pressing robot

For the house that has everything, consider buying a SwitchBot. This device literally tapes right next to your rocker switch and turns your switch on and off. You can program the device via the app or use your favorite smart home hub.

SwitchBot is perfect for turning lights on and off while you’re away and even flipping one on if you don’t want to get off the couch. (We can relate.)

Pet cameras

a pet owner looks at her pet on a live feed to her phone
Keep an eye on your pet.

From knocking over lamps and plants, to eating your favorite pair of shoes, fur-babies can get into a lot of trouble when you’re not home. Keep track of your fuzzy little ones with the help of a pet camera, such as a Furbo. You’ll be able to watch your pet from an app on your phone, and if Fido or Mr. Whiskers gets into trouble, you’ll know and be able to head home.

If your pet is being good, pet cameras even allow you to toss your pet a treat.

Virtual Home Checkup

You get a physical every year. You can change the oil in your car regularly. Why don’t you take care of your home, your largest investment? That’s why one of the best gifts for your home this year is a Virtual Home Checkup.

In a 25-minute Zoom (or FaceTime) session, a home expert will share insights, money-saving and energy-efficiency tips, and provide you with helpful, preventative maintenance recommendations. The best part is – the guidance you receive can help you avoid costly repairs and possibly even expensive insurance claims!

Book your Virtual Home Checkup now!

A standing desk

a standing desk is extended upward with surface higher than the desk chair's top in front of it
Stand up for better health.

One of the best home office gifts is undoubtedly the standing desk. These are part of the quintessential home office set-up with health benefits for that office professional in your life. Some models come with nifty features like anti-collision tech, which stops the table mid-slide if it hits your seat, your pet, etc.

a young graphic designer works on a computer that is propped up on a standing desk converter
Try a standing desk converter.

Other options include a two-tiered model with a keyboard tray or a standing desk converter. The converter is a cheaper but no less useful option for your working-from-home friend.

If you’re looking to round out that home office, a desk lamp with a wireless charger and any coffee maker make great gifts.

Safety alarms

a homeowner installs a smoke detector in his foyer
Keep your family and home safe.

You can never go wrong with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. These devices can save your home and your life.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 40 percent of home fire deaths resulted in homes with no smoke alarms. Seventeen percent of home fire deaths occurred in homes with no working smoke alarms. A smoke alarm allows you to get out of the home or if you know how to use a fire extinguisher, perhaps even stop a home fire from spreading.

A carbon monoxide detector hangs on the ceiling
Don’t forget about carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer” for a reason. It’s an odorless and colorless gas that can kill you. A carbon monoxide detector can alert you to high level of carbon monoxide in your home, so you can get out and call 9-1-1.

A home management app

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Download the app now!

Your house loves it when you take care of it, but 22 million homeowners say they can’t keep track of home maintenance projects. Another 35 million say they simply forget. vipHomeLink can help. Our home management app sends personalized reminders and push notifications to help you stay on top of home maintenance!

Show your home some love this season. Download the vipHomeLink app now!

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