Top Gift Ideas for the Mom Who Rocks DIY

a woman fixes the pipes under a sink

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Your mom does it all – including cleaning the gutters, installing a new ceiling fan, and replacing the air filters in the HVAC unit every three months. But it could be a little easier for your do-it-yourself mom with the right tools, equipment, and help.

This May, give your mom the tools she needs to rock all her home improvement projects with these awesome Mother’s Day gifts! 

A fancy toolbelt 

A woman stands with her arms crossed while wearing a tool belt
Mom has all her tools at her disposal.

Does your mom need a new tool belt to hold her drill? Maybe she’d rather have a pocket pouch for her essential hardware accoutrements. Or maybe she’d just rather have it in hot pink. Every DIY mom needs to have the tools of the trade close for repairs and improvements, so get a toolbelt, one of the most useful gifts for mom, that compliments your mom’s unique style and improvement type.

Protective gloves and safety glasses 

Work gloves are dirty as they lay upon the ground
Help Mom stay safe during home projects.

We know your mom is Super Mom, but even heroes need to be careful when working around the house. Get your mom a sturdy pair of workman gloves and safety glasses for when Mom is working with power tools, such as saws and drills, as well as outdoor equipment, like weedwhackers and a drill till.

Speaking of which –

Drill till for the garden

a gardening shovel lays upon the table with dirt
Forget the shovel.

If your green thumb mom loves to plant flowers or harvest vegetables, then consider buying her a drill till. While we’re sure your mom loves the work-out she gets weeding the garden, it can lead to back and knees problems. A drill till can help take the pressure off those areas with three long attachments for the drill that till and aerate, dig holes, and remove weeds and roots. This is great gift for parents with arthritis.

A shop vac 

a shop vac
Help Mom with her DIY projects.

If you haven’t brought your mom a shop vac before, then it’s time to make up for this blatant oversight. From sucking up debris to sucking up water, a shop vac is one the more unique gifts for mom but also one of the most necessary. Your mom needs this just in case of a home flood. If a pipe breaks and water gets everywhere, mold can grow in less than 24 hours. Shop vacs help to get rid of the water and get your home drier, quicker.

180-Degree flashlight 

a black headband with a light in the center
Shine some light on Mom’s next project.

Let’s be honest. The one thing every DIYer needs is a helper to hold the flashlight, but with a 180-degree flashlight, Mom can DIY even if no one else is around to help. Depending on the brand you get, these flashlights can light up the entire project in front of Mom.

Plus, she’ll be safe when working with water if you buy one of the water-resistant flashlights. These are also great for power failures and taking the trash out at night

A portable workbench 

a tall workbench to work
Give Mom a place to work.

For the mom who has her own workbench in the basement (or our version of the “mom who has everything”), you might want to consider gifting her a portable workbench. Whether she’s taking care of drywall or fixing hardwood flooring, Mom will enjoy the ease of having a sturdy workbench to complete repairs in other parts of the home. Depending upon the model you get, some workbenches are even stable enough to give Mom a place to rest in between projects.

A multi-tool 

a colorful multi-tool device
Give Mom the tools she needs.

Why make Mom settle for one tool when she might need several for a project? Perhaps one of the more unusual Mother’s Day gifts, a multi-tool is like a Swiss Army knife for the home. Some versions of a multi-tool have up to four different screwdrivers, two types of pliers, wire cutters, a strap cutter, and more. This way, Mom won’t need to take multiple trips to her toolbox, and she’ll be able to go from one project to another with ease.

A gift card to a home improvement store 

A mother holds up five gift cards that she received for Mothers' Day
Give Mom a DIY shopping spree.

Do you really know what your DIY mom wants for Mothers’ Day? Sure, you might know her favorite chocolates or flowers, but Mom might want that cordless drill with a lithium-ion battery, 1500 RPM, and 21 + 1 torque adjustment. (It also comes in pink.) If your mom is like my sister, then she might want a chainsaw.

a pink power drill with attachments
Mom’s new favorite tool

Instead of guessing and hoping you’ve picked out the perfect present, give a gift card to your mom’s favorite home improvement store along with those chocolates. (Never skip the chocolates.)

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 

a man stands on a ladder and installs a smoke detector at the base of stairs
Keep Mom safe!

This isn’t fancy, but it’s one of the most meaningful gifts for your mom. After all, the one thing you want your mom to always be is safe. We’re hoping that any DIY mom would already have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in her home, but if yours doesn’t, make sure to buy a set of these.

(You can generally get a combined smoke and carbon monoxide detector, but always read the box. Not all smoke detectors are also carbon monoxide detectors.)

Also, remind Mom to check her detectors every month to make sure they’re working, or just check them yourself when you pop over. You just might want to warn Mom before you hit the test button. 

A vipHomeLink membership  

two cell phones in front of an affluent blue home with the vipHomeLink dashboard up on the screens
The perfect gift for your DIY Mom

Here at vipHomeLink, we want to help Mom take care of her home. Our home management app puts expert tips for home improvement right in the palm of her hand. We offer personalized reminders for home maintenance and tailored recommendations to help Mom know what to do and when to do it around the home. Our weather notifications also help Mom prepare the home for severe weather events, and our weekly push notifications give Mom tips to stay on top of home maintenance.

Plus – we won’t tell Mom if you don’t – but every subscription for vipHomeLink comes with the first three months on us! (It’s one of the best free Mother’s Day gifts, if we say so ourselves.)

Help Mom save time and money, and gain peace of mind with vipHomeLink. Gift your Mom an annual membership today!

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