Watch Now: Real Homeowner Horror Stories

If you’re a homeowner, then you know how quickly something can go wrong. You returned home from vacation to a flooded basement. Or maybe you found a bear waltzing with your garbage can one evening. Perhaps you’re not sure what put a hole in your windscreen, but boy, did it leave a mess in your family room.

Homeowner Horror Stories, a segment of the vipHome Podcast, are real stories that happened to real homeowners, told by home pros. Our VP of Content Jeff Roos gathered all the homeowner horror stories from the first episodes of the vipHome Podcast to show you what happens when you don’t take care of your home.

How poor home maintenance can endanger your pet

We spoke with Lindsey Wolko of the Center of Pet Safety, who shared with us a scary story regarding her HVAC unit and a home fire.

Watch the full episode now to learn additional pet safety tips!

When bedbugs attack

When Glen Ramsey, Senior Technical Services Manager and board certified entomologist for Orkin Pest Control, stopped by the vipHome Podcast, he dished home pest control tips that totally work. Glen also gave us a homeowner horror story with bedbugs that left us with nightmares for weeks.

Have a spotted lanternfly problem? Check out our interview with Benjamin Hottel, Ph.D., technical services manager for Orkin Pest Control.

It literally hit the fan

If you’re an insurance agent, then you’ve probably seen it all when it comes to homeowner claims. Michelle O’Connor, who has been in the business for more than two decades, has many stories, but one of the most memorable is when a toilet overflowed right over a ceiling fan, and well – we’ll let Michelle tell the story.

Learn more insurance tips from Michelle in 10 Homeowners Insurance Tips the Pros Want You to Know.

Broken pipes and parties

Robert Mascia of Green Ridge Wealth Planning was at a wedding when he received a call from his contractor about a broken pipe, which left his home soaked. Thankfully, he called his insurance agent before starting the home improvement project. Learn why it’s imperative you do so, too, in this homeowner horror story!

Get more financial homeowning and planning tips in Your First Home and Your Wallet: Financial Tips for First-Time Home Buyers.

Everything but the kitchen sink

Cannonball! Find out what items Jeremy Johnson of America’s Swimming Pool Company has found in pools. Some may surprise you; others may confuse you. None should be in a pool.

Squirrels, a Money Pit redux, and how not to insulate your attic

Sometimes, art imitates life and other times, life imitates art. When PowerHouse TV‘s Megan Turner and Pete Seyfer joined the vipHome Podcast, we learned how movies like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and The Money Pit portray real-life homeowner horror stories.

Buggy’s big adventure

vipHomeLink’s own Jeff Roos recounts his homeowner horror story when Buggy, his late dachshund, decided to practice her dog paddle in a marina without fur-parent supervision.

Get more pet safety tips in Answered: FAQs About Pet Safety at Home.

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