Your Home’s Holiday Wish List: Bedroom Blog

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Relaxation reigns in the bedroom, so this holiday season, gift your private space these modern and tranquil comforts for ultimate convenience.

If you’re hosting the family this holiday, you’ll need your private space to recharge after a long day of festivities. Whether you’re seeking a hands-free way to turn on your TV or an instant soothing scent to melt away the tension, we’ve found these holiday home gift ideas to help you de-stress and find your inner peace.

The smart shade

a close up on blinds in a window

Tilt Smart Home throws some shade on your bedroom at the touch of a button. Plus, Tilt not only creates customized shades for your home but also has options for your existing window treatments. Control your shades from the app, which provides battery updates, solar charging status, and daily and weekly schedules. Plus, it adjusts your shades automatically for certain events, like daylight savings time.

“Alexa, play ‘This Time Around.'”

You upgraded your living room with a soundbar. Why not upgrade your bedroom? With Sonos Beam – Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-in, relaxing is easy. Simply ask Alexa to do any number of items, like turn on your TV, resume your book, or set a sleep timer. Our favorite? “Alexa, play my favorite band’s music.” Alexa started playing Hanson for you, too, didn’t she?

The be-all-to-end-all diffuser

Inhale your favorite scents and exhale absolute relaxation with VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser. Try out this be-all-to-end-all aromatherapy device that boasts a 10-hour running time (on low mist level), a seven-colored soothing light treatment, and a waterless auto-off function for optimum safety. It even comes in three wood grain options, perfect for any bedroom decor.

“Hey, Google. Can you play Sleep Stories Narrated by Matthew McConaughey?”

A Google Nest speaker in your bedroom delivers ultimate convenience. As you lay down to bed at night, you can say, “Google, wake me up at seven a.m.” When the Google Nest does so, you can respond, “Google, why did you wake me up at seven a.m.?” We recommend asking Google to play Sleep Stories Narrated by Matthew McConaughey on Calm. Matt’s silky smooth voice will ease you to sleep in no time.

Splurge item: The smart mattress

a picture of man wearing a tanktop and jeans reclining on a mattress

When people sleep, some like it hot, and some like it cool. With the Pod by Eight Sleep, you and your partner no longer have to fight over the sleep temperature since the mattress dynamically adjusts it. We said this bed was “smart,” so of course it connects with Alexa, allowing you to heat up or cool down your bed by voice command. Plus, it boasts memory foam, support to relieve pressure points and align your spine, and an app that records sleep stages, time, tosses and turns, heart rate, and more.

Exhale in absolute bliss this holiday with these bedroom styling ideas. Just remember that no matter what time you ask Google to wake you up, Google will do so. Set your alarm responsibility.

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