Home Service Provider Program

Leverage your home expertise to engage and retain customers. We offer the most affordable digital engagement solution in the industry for home service professionals. Increase client engagement, and strengthen your position in the market with the vipHomeLink solution.

Membership Opportunities

Offer your new and past clients a membership that includes informative and empowering content for homeowners.

Discounted Business Rates

We offer discounted rates for your business so every service professional working there can benefit from this great platform.

Targeted Content

We can help you target clients with custom content to help keep you top of mind and just a click away.

Partnership Benefits

Strengthen Client Relationships

Demonstrate an extra level of care by continuing the relationship after completing your service.

Stay Top of Mind

Take advantage of our tailored homeowner recommendations and reminders that encourage routine maintenance.

Differentiate Your Offering

Go beyond local SEO and enhance your business’ reach with an interactive app that delivers tailored content.

Reach More Demographics

Attract modern, technology-savvy home buyers through an interactive experience.

Smart homes,' with their new innovative technologies, are actually becoming more complex and can require more regular maintenance than before. vipHomeLink helps simplify homeownership.

– Geoff Martin
Co-Founder & CFO

A Complete Branded Solution


Your logo, your colors, your agency info and more!

  • Tailorable White-Label Branding
  • Media-rich Integration - including video
  • Integration and routing to existing sites and methods
  • Integration of existing partners
  • Optional Agency Branding

We Make it Easy to Partner With Us


Choose Your Plan

Select from plan options based on overall PIF size for your agency.


Securely Check Out

Enter billing details and complete the quick check out process.


Complete Registration

Upload your agency logo for in-app branding and fill out your agency details.

What to Expect

  1. Once subscribed, our streamlined onboarding process begins with optional training support: webinars and marketing materials sharing tips and best practices to make the most out of the “vipThankYou”.

  2. vipHomeLink prepares a unique invitation code for each of our partner agencies and adds the agency logo to our platform environment for “In-App” branding + sponsored weekly email. Upon completing registration with an assigned agency invitation code, the associated Agency logo will appear on your client’s personalized vipHomeLink dashboard.

  3. vipHomeLink will also provide digital marketing assets including a video that your agency can send to clients explaining the benefits of vipHomeLink and this offer, courtesy of your agency. We will also provide a digital “vipThankYou” email template to automate into your process.

  4. vipHomeLink will offer complimentary ongoing support to ensure you can make the most of this program.


vipHomeLink is a digital home management solution that helps homeowners maintain, organize, and improve their homes. The Company partners with insurance carriers and agencies to drive engagement with homeowners and improve home safety by building awareness of the home, providing customized reminders and home recommendations, and by sharing expert, multi- channel content with members. vipHomeLink is based in Morristown, New Jersey.

Your agency can establish a partnership with us on a branded basis, so that your policyholders can enjoy our $48/year home management solution, FREE all while promoting your Agency Brand! Under this program, your agency clients sign-up for vipHomeLink using your agency exclusive invitation code, and we will waive the $48 annual membership!

Powered by cutting-edge technology, our digital solution provides property-specific maintenance reminders and weather notifications, tailored home improvement recommendations, and more- helping agency clients stay safe, save money, and prevent claims. Accessible on iOS, Android, and Web 24/7.

vipHomeLink offers our agency partners an affordable digital presence to highlight and strengthen their Agency Brand with homeowner clients & prospects alike. Agencies can establish a paid-partnership with us so that their policyholders and prospects can enjoy our $48 annual subscription, FREE. Agencies which are part of a qualified enterprise affiliation are eligible for  Preferred Partner Agency pricing. With this offer, our platform enables agency partners to engage homeowner clients & prospects with their brand 4 to 5 times / month in a value-added, non-billing, non-claims related manner.

Homeowners, typically  multi-line customers, are often in need of multiple insurance policies- presenting cross-sell opportunities including: Auto, Umbrella, Life, Annuity. Business owners also tend to be homeowners, which opens up the potential to help broker commercial risks. Research also suggests that multi-line homeowner clients not only tend to stay on the books longer, but also tend to have a stronger network of referrals to offer.

Proudly Partnering With:

"The vipHomeLink app does a beautiful job of reminding homeowners to do the things that should be taken care of on a regular basis."

Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us here, we’re happy to answer any inquiries you may have.