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Many homeowners wait until something is broken or malfunctioning before they take care of it, which can be a major issue when it comes to solar panels. This is where vipHomeLink comes in! We provide the maintenance guidance that every homeowner needs, so they can take care of their newest solar investment and you can enjoy a higher NPS. 

Join us in helping homeowners prevent the preventable

For Solar Companies

White Label Solutions

Your brand is important, we get it. We’re able to tailor our app to your brand, using your logos and colors to ensure that your customers have a consistent experience. We can even integrate your links and existing partnerships.

Improve Your Net Promoter Score

We help your customers stay on top of their solar panel maintenance, so they can get the most out of their investment. By helping customers after installation, you’ll see enjoy better engagement, more referrals, and improved NPS. 

Engagement Ecosystem

Provide a value-added solution and increase the engagement with your customers, in-app and through other digital channels, such as email, with collaborative campaigns that support your company’s business goals while building brand loyalty and recognition.


Your Brand Front and Center

  • Full White-Label Carrier Branding
  • Rich Media Integration - Including Images and Video
  • Integration and Routing to Existing Sites and Methods
  • Integration of Existing Partners

Complete White Label

  • Personalized business section expands to reveal your company information
  • Your brand logo replaces our standard vip logo in the header
  • Your brand color replaces our standard vipHomeLink blue throughout the app

4 More Reasons Why vipHomeLink is the Right Choice


It's Easy

Leave the heavy lifting to us - we help from onboarding to communications to support.


It's Quick

Up and running in days or weeks - not months or years!


No Integration

Enjoy all of the benefits without all of the technical integration requirements.


Completely Secure

Confidently leverage our platform within a secure HIPAA environment.

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"The vipHomeLink app does a beautiful job of reminding homeowners to do the things that should be taken care of on a regular basis."