Take Care of Your Home

You take care of your health with an annual doctor’s visit. You maintain your vehicle with tune-ups and oil changes. Why not protect your largest investment the same way?

What is the VHC?

Our team has a real passion for helping homeowners like you, to take care of your largest investment — your home. Together we will walk through your home to identify all of the major systems, and help you understand how and when to maintain them, to help you become a more confident and safer homeowner. 

We cover a variety of topics during the session, including ways to improve the safety, value, energy efficiency and even curb appeal of your home!

Be a Smarter

During your virtual home checkup, you'll learn valuable information and tips to make you a smarter homeowner.

Free Zone

You don’t have to clean up before our call. We love pets, and our kids make noise too, so we understand.

We Are

If you prefer a non-video experience, we can accommodate your comfort level.

"I received a Virtual Home Checkup and one of the areas of particular concern was the dryer vent. It never occurred to me that this could be a source of a fire. I immediately found a company to come out and have it cleaned. Every question I asked was answered and explained to me in full. I was very impressed with the service I received and would recommend that homeowners do a Virtual Home Checkup."
- Joyce H, Florida

Our Virtual Home Checkup, along with other valuable homeowner resources, is part of the complete vipHomeLink digital home management solution.